You may understand by reading the post name. Yes, the post is about Autodesk and autoCad.

Today I will tell you how to get autoCad serial key that work in any version of autoCad,

In the first stage, go to the following link  to go autoCad education community.


You can see a webpage like following picture.

Click the registration button from the right corner.


autocad free serial key


Follow the following Steps to register in autoDesk. Select country, add your email and select your gender. Then press continue to second step.


You can see the page like following. fill up it properly.

Autocad serial key 2013 free

Continue to strep 3, you will will redirected in a page like following.


Log in your email account. You will see an activation link. Activate account by clicking there.



Then you will redirected in a new apge like following. Click the download link from there.


Wait for a while and after sometime you can see the following page. Select any autoCad version to download.

Then you can see a webpage like following