Sometimes your DVD drive may not work properly. Some notebook does not have any DVD reader. In this case you need to use pen drive/ Usb flash drive to install windows on your PC. Using pen drive or, you can setup windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and as well as windows 8.


In this tutorial, I will tell you how to create a bookable pen drive/ usb flash drive to install operating system. ( i mean How to install windows from pen drive)  You do not neet extra programming knowledge, you can do it yourself if you can operate PC. You no not need any extra software to do it.



install windows 8 from pen drive



You need :

  1.  8GB USB drive/ Flash drive/ Pen drive
  2. Windows CD/DVD (xp/vista/windows7/windows 8  what you need)


  1. At first format your removable USB drive in NTFS format.  (Open my computer –>Right click on Removable disk–> Click on format—>Select NTFS –>Click on quick format–>press OK)
  2. Go to  Run, Type  “ cmd ” and press enter.    (do not type  “   ”)
  3. Type  “diskpart”How to Install Windows 7 Using Pen Drive
  4. Type  “list volume”  . It will show volumes of your hard drive and removable drive.
  5.  Type “select Volume 6”   ( in which volume you want to crate bootable DVD. If your USB drive shows in Volume 7, then type volume 7).
  6. Write  “active”. Then you can see that, your volume is active.
  7. Click on  IXI  to exit.
  8. Now go to your windows CD/DVD, Search for  : “bootsect.exe”     file, copy it   on any folder of your any hard disk partition. Suppose, you can copy it on  D:\  drive  in boot   folder .
  9.  Again, go to  Run, Type  “ cmd ” and press enter.
  10. Type  :    D:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 j:    (here  D is your local drive, where you copied the file  bootsect.exe.  After  bootsect.exe use a space.  After  nt60 use a space, J: is you’re your flash drive/pen drive location, so type G: or h:  which is your pen drive’s location )   then press enter .How to install windows xp via pen drive
  11. Now copy the following folders from windows CD/DVD to your USB drive.

boot folder

Now your USB boot drive has been created. Before setup windows from flash drive/pen drive, Go to bios settings, (in the time of restarting PC, press   F2 /  F10 / F12  depending on your PC configuration ) , then set first boot from  “USB flash drive”. Again restart your pc and start setup windows.


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NB:  bookmark this page or copy this Page’s url in any text document. If you forget any process in the time of setup windows from USB pen drive, for help, you can reas this tutorial again from another PC, or print this tutorial to follow to process of setup windows.