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Do you know which browser will increase your download speed really? Yes, That is Internet Download Manager. IDM Will increase download speed up-to 500%. So IDM is the fastest internet download manager software of the world.

We all wish high speed download and high speed internet. A slow download is disgusting. Think about a car which speed is 20kilometre per hour. Slow download is like that car.

If you use Internet Download Manager, Your download  speed will increase very high like a car which speed is 200 kilometer per hour. Now this is your choise that will you ride in 20kmPH car or 200 K mph.

So high speed download, we need the worlds best download increasing software and the solution is

Internet Download manager

Internet Download Manager  IDM 6.11 is the most powerful Internet download accelerator  software for PC which download any file very speedy at a moment on your PC.

Internet Download manager full version and serial number

Internet Download manager is very easy to use and manage. It also integrate your browser with IDM. So when you download any file, The file will automatically download with Internet Download Manager.

Let us see the Features Of Internet Download Manager’s Latest version:

  • Internet Download Manger (IDM )  integrates with the  web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple  Safari etc.
  • IDM has options to shut down PC or Hibernate PC automatically after download is end.
  • In Internet Download Manager, You can shedule to any file when to be download.
  • You can pause any file to download and resume downloading any time. The file will start download again from where you have paused downloading.
  • Internet download manager will arrange different file types.
  • Easy downloading files just a click.
  • Possible to download YouTube videos using YouTube Grabber technology in Internet Download Manager. So we can also say that Idm is a YouTube Video downloaded software.
  • Internet Download manager has also options to check virus automatically after downloading file through IDM.
  • Mufti language system integrated with internet in download manager new versions by which you can use IDM on your own/native language.
  • All files support to download. This features is known as “Download All Feature”.  Some example: EXE ,ZIP, ARJ, RAR, LZH, Z, GZ, GZIP, TAR, BIN, MP3, M4A, WA,V RA, RAM, AAC, AIF, AVI, MPG, MPEG, QT PLJ, ASF, MOV, RM, MP4, WMA, WMV, MPE, MPA, R0*, R1*, A0*, A1*, TIF, TIFF, PDF, MSI, MSU, ACE, ISO, IMG, OGG, 7Z, SEA, SIT, SITX, PPT, PPS, BZ2 etc.
  • Drag and drop download features have been added in new versions of IDM. So when anybody drag any link to IDM, It will remain to start downloading automatically.
  • Almost all proxy server is supported by IDM.
  • IDM can detect multiple download links from any webpage and add all download links to download file.
  • IDM has quick update feature. It will notify you when new versions of Internet Download manager is available.
  • Options for select/deselect launch Internet download manager in PC start up.
  • Opera and old Mozilla based internet browser can also be integrated with IDM using plugin.
  • There are options in Internet download manager to locate file location where downloaded file will be saved.
  • IDM has speed limiter to control download speed. It is needed to increase browsing speed, otherwise in the time of download, browsing speed may remain slow.


How Internet Download Manager increase download speed?

The IDM (Internet Download manager)  has  nice download  logic accelerator Technology  which  intelligent  the dynamic files  segmentation and  also safe mufti part download technology which  accelerate speed of download any file. By this system. Internet download manager download files from different part at a time.  IDM divides a file into some some part and all divided parts are starting download to gather so that the file is download at a short time than any browser.


Download IDM latest version:  (Use any of the following download link to download IDM latest version.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2


How To Install Internet Download Manager’s Latest Version:

IDM latest version is supported with Linux, Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac Os etc. After download IDM latest version you have to install it. The installation process is very easy as 1 2 3

  1. At first You have to Locate the IDM  installer file which you have downloaded. Then double click IDM installer file to install.
  2. Allow security warning.
  3. View in PC’s screen and do what they tell to do for install.


IDM serial number:

After installing Internet download manager, you can use IDM free for 1 mouth and after one month, you have to purchase IDM license serial number. The serial key price for IDM is $29 (Twenty nine US dollar). will give you this IDM serial number totally free of cost. Here is the free serial number of Internet Download manager by which you can easily activate IDM and thus you you can save $29 USD.

IDM Serial number 1:      RY9AZ-3ZSXX-JR02B-1U5IO
IDM Serial number 2:      D60G8-Y85O8-B5YZV-U0PB3
IDM Serial key 3:            AT6H7-TDK7X-YMB5W-QA809
IDM license  key 4:         DUJ7M-BBNR6-CML6I-9HVEY
IDM Serial Number 5:     U6JY7-O1C4Z-OPPJR-0JXHH
IDM Serial key 6:           9QZWY-4AFHB-IPJ4T-RBJSE
IDM serial key 7:            D87W5-CKD63-RGUNI-X68EG


View the alternate ways to activate Internet Download Manager.


How to uninstall/ remove Internet download manager permanently:

The uninstall / removal process of Internet Download Manager is very easy as any other software.

  1. First Exit Internet Download manager or kill the running process of IDM using Windows task manager (Press   CTR L + ALT + Del  to open task manager in windows).
  2. Go to Start –> Control Panel –>Uninstall a program.
  3. Then Select IDM and uninstall it.