Getting Started on Twitter for Your Business

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Why Use Twitter For Your Business?

Twitter is a major player in online social media. In January of this year Google purchased Twitter Fabric (A Twitter development arm for apps) for an undisclosed sum for good reason. With 328 million + active Twitter accounts it’s a big audience to exist within.

Your ability to reach your target audience is amplified by having Twitter as it allows your users to see the latest news on your business in real time and provides a window into your company by way of what you share and promote.

Almost 25% of verified Twitter users count themselves as journalists and often news hits Twitter before the other platforms have a chance to draft a report.

Whether you’re local or national or even international following journalists and making connections is a great way to have your own content shared with a large audience with the intention of course that some turn into paying customers.

It’s no surprise the current estimate is 93% of businesses use Twitter with over half using it daily.

Another big plus is how Twitter (and social media in general) has replaced traditional PR. Companies who use Twitter report a 20% improvement in customer relations!

How to Set Up Your Twitter Account

Let’s break down just how easy it is to set up a Twitter account. Then we’ll review how to use it.
Step one in setting up Twitter:

a. In order to access this in your new account you’ll need to click on the top right next to where     you see the word Tweet.
b. This will open a menu.
c. Select the top part where you see the username you entered when signing up.
d. This will take you to your Twitter profile page.
e. Now select Edit Profile as indicated on the page.
f.  Now you can enter your bio (limited to 160 alpha numeric characters)

*When drafting your bio start with what your business does or share what your followers can expect from you and end with something more personal about you.
Example 1: A certified fitness coach who’s passion is health, wellness & eating Vegan sharing tips and recipes to help you on your health journey. Wife & Mom who loves the outdoors

Example 2: (This is mine): I share tips on Digital Marketing, Websites, Branding & Social Media. An experienced & passionate Web Developer, eBusiness Consultant, Wife, Mother & Chocoholic
g. Update your professional profile photo (image size: 400 X 400)
h. Update your header image (image size: 1500 X 500)
i.  Enter your location
j.  Add in your website address
k. Choose your theme colours – ideally have them match your business brand colours
l.  Then click “Save changes”!

Now that you’ve got your profile it’s time to look for followers.

Finding Followers on Twitter

This part is both very easy and very hard. Let me explain!

It’s easy to secure followers from anyone looking to turn you into a customer. It’s much harder in the reverse order.

Some accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers but nearly all are other people looking for clients. It can be easy to get sucked into a sinkhole of marketers so be very wary of any suspicious accounts.

Instead look for people you know. Not just personally but brand personalities you trust. There is a very easy search function at the top right. Just type in a name and start checking.

You can also use Twitter’s Advanced search to narrow down your efforts further.

People with high numbers of ‘Following’ and low numbers of ‘Followers’ indicates they’re not securing good connections with their content so watch out. Even if they are following you, it only means they are watching to see if you follow back and as soon as you do, they will unfollow you. A practice I do not condone at all.

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